Shagadelic Terms and Conditions

1. The tickets to the festival (both Full Passes and Party Passes) are non-refundable. In case you cannot attend the festival, you can sell your pass to another person and inform us about the transfer, so that we can ensure the system is updated.
2. You can only sell your pass to someone in the same level with the same dance role. Transfer of roles or levels is not permitted, unless specifically agreed upon by the organisers.
3. In case we need to cancel the event due to force majeure (for instance having too strict covid regulations), all passes will be refunded equally. Expenses that have already been made by the organisers and are not transferrable to next year, will be subtracted as a percentage, up to a maximum of 10% of your payment (giving you at least 90% refund). The organisers will not take any profits from a cancelled event.
4. Participants attending the festival will receive a wristband according to their pass and level. This wristband must be worn at all times as they ensure your entry to both classes and parties.
5. Shagadelic or its instructors/teachers can not be held responsible for any physical injuries. Please be careful at all times, both for yourself and for others.
6. Participants may appear on photos or videos made during the event. Participants agree that these are the property of the organizer and can be used for purposes related to Shagadelic or other relevant purposes.
7. Participants can take videos or photos during the classes only with the permission of the instructors.
8. Participants confirm that they have read the Terms and Conditions, the Code of Conduct, and the Privacy Policy, and that all the information provided by them during registration is true.
9. Shagadelic’s main organiser is Key Town Swing. You can find our business information here:
Key Town Swing Terms and Conditions

10. The following terms are covid-specific, and may be subject to change closer to or even during the festival. We support and strive for having a Covid Safe event, and reserve the right to enforce certain rules that will make this so. Regulations set by the Dutch government are leading.
11. QR-code checks are no longer mandatory for events such as Shagadelic.
12. Face masks are no longer mandatory in public spaces, though we respect anyone wanting to wear one at any time.
13. Partner rotation is allowed, and encouraged. Please let us know if this is a problem for you.

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