Shagadelic Code of Conduct

1. Shagadelic will not tolerate harassment of any kind, which includes verbal harassment, intimidation, disruption of classes or parties, inappropriate physical contact, or unwelcome sexual attention. Engagement in such behavior will be warned and organizers reserve the right to exclude offenders from the festival without a refund.
2. It is completely okay to kindly decline a dance if for any reason you do not feel like dancing when asked. It is also completely okay for someone else to decline a dance with you without any discussion.
3. Please ensure a safe physical space on the dance floor. Be careful that you dance without hurting your partner, and make sure that you watch out for others around you.
4. If you see something that is concerning, feel unsafe or uncomfortable, or if you witness any unwanted activities, please report it to your teachers, the organizers, or to the Care Team.
5. The Care Team will be made visible during the festival. You can approach them to talk about any concerns, which they will deal with discretely.

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