Are you ready to get  Shagadelic?

The Dutch Shaggers would love to welcome you to the beautiful city of Rotterdam, the port to Europe! In January 2020, Key Town Swing and Collegiate Shag Rotterdam will be hosting the Netherlands’ first Collegiate Shag festival.
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Six hours of classes with international teachers
Three parties with live music, taster classes and competitions
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Marta and Rafał

In 2011 Marta and Rafał started their swing dancing adventure in • Studio Tańca Swingowego in WARSAW.
At the beginning they danced Lindy Hop only but when Collegiate Shag arrived to Poland, where they come from, they fell in love with it for good. Since 2014 they take part in the biggest Collegiate Shag festivals in Europe and they learn from the best.
They performed for the first time with a group called Warsaw Shag Team at Warsaw Collegiate Shag Festival 2015. As a group they keep performing during various dance festivals and other events.
During the dance they focus on technical aspects of dancing, connection between the dancers and musicality. Marta and Rafał put the emphasis on the basics of the dance - they treat it as a tool for clear communication between partners and a way to create something fresh and inspiring. They both state the dance should not only look great but it should also be pleasant for the dancers. They are always willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Dolinde and Ron

Dolinde has been a lover of Collegiate Shag since discovering it in 2010. Now, Dolinde is a familiar face attending many Shag festivals around the world. She feels lucky to have taught many of the current Dutch Shaggers and to be an essential part of the start and growth of the Dutch Shag scene.
Starting out as a Rock ‘n Roll musician, Ron found himself surrounded by dancers most weekends. He started taking Boogie dance classes in 2011, and was instantly hooked! Very quickly he moved on to Lindy Hop and within a year Collegiate Shag was added, with the help of Dolinde.
Dolinde and Ron first partnered up at Barcelona Shag Festival in October 2016. Since then they have attended many Shag festivals together. They started teaching Collegiate Shag soon after in Amsterdam. They taught in multiple places within the Netherlands and abroad and have been very active in cultivating the Dutch Shag scene.
Their classes have a high focus on technique and clarity, as well as comfort and quality of movement. They particularly love fast footwork variations and emphasize having fun.

Triootje Kiers

(Friday night)
A cheerful and multi-talented threesome of to-the-core musicians, Triootje Kiers knows just how to provide any party or gathering with lots of happy notes! Their repertoire is a middle-of-the-road mix of infectious and recognisable Swing, Blues, Country, Gypsy, Jazz, Rock ‘n Roll, Pop and Reggae, with the occasional French Chanson.
Playing their monthly gig in Leiden at Café De Plantage on every 1st Thursday of the month, Triootje Kiers has been somewhat of a house-band for Key Town Swing for over a year now. Of course their repertoire will be slightly tweaked, to make sure all is danceable for Shagadelic!
Visit Triootje Kiers' website HERE

Daddy To The Rescue

(Saturday night)
Whenever this band hits the stage..... be ready to be rescued! Their hard drivin', yet smooth Swing Blues, Jump and Boogie Woogie gets every crowd unleashed. Every show is a true revival of the American early R&B of the 40's and 50's. Just feel and see their performance of songs from great names of that era, like Louis Jordan, Big Joe Turner, Tiny Bradshaw and Roy Brown. For sure they go down the road with Nat King Cole, Tiny Grimes and Benny Goodman as well. And what about doin' some jaw droppin' Boogie Woogie piano in the style of the great Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson? You can imagine the temperatures rising to critical levels when Daddy To The Rescue is in town!
Visit Daddy To The Rescue's website HERE

The Bojangles

(Sunday night)
This Gypsy Jazz quartet from Nijmegen will bring you a night of irresistible songs in the style of Django Reinhardt & The Hot Club de France, a number of swinging Jazz standards, full-of-character Bossas and rousing Rhumbas! This rich blend of styles and the warm sounds of their acoustic instruments will definitely make for a cosy, friendly atmosphere, where it’ll be hard to sit still!
Visit The Bojangles' website HERE

DJ Marijke

Marijke is an international DJ of Swing music in the broadest sense. You might have seen her at numerous events, DJing for Lindy Hoppers, Balboa dancers and Shaggers alike. A Balboa teacher in her hometown Ghent, Marijke is always searching for interesting tunes, lectures, talks, concerts… It’s a never ending topic.
Mix years of experience with this ongoing craving for finding the perfect songs and delving into the history behind both the music and the dancing, and you end up with a Shagadelic cocktail of inspiring tunes!

DJ Raoul

Growing up in Australia, Raoul was bitten by the jitterbug at a young age. Big Band Swing has always been one of his favourite genres of music. While attending high school in the USA, this got him to play the saxophone in school bands.
Skip to roughly three years ago: Looking for a new hobby, listening to Swing music sparked an image of those khaki-wearing Lindy Hoppers from that notorious GAP commercial. Starting Lindy Hop classes in Utrecht, he quickly found his way to Balboa, Slow Bal and… Collegiate Shag! Combining his love for Swing music and his new-found passion for the old timey Swing dances, Raoul is guaranteed to keep you hopping, skipping and jumping during Shagadelic!
Our classes will take place at the Swing In Rhythm Dance Studio. All rooms have wooden floors, so you can wear your favourite dance shoes! There will be one room available throughout the day to practice in between classes. If you have a Party Pass, you can also come and use this space! 
CLICK HERE to find the SiR Studio on Google Maps 
Both the Friday and Saturday night parties will be held at Tango Centre Cuartito Azul. Known to all Rotterdam Shag dancers as their 'home base', this venue has a large wooden dance floor in both the main hall and the smaller room (only open on Saturday night). 
CLICK HERE to find Cuartito Azul on Google Maps
On Sunday night, our party will be right around the corner from our classes venue: we'll be dancing at the cool pop-stage Grounds! Again with a wooden dance floor, space to put your suitcases, and a nice cafe in the next room, this will be the perfect place to burn up the last bit of energy for the weekend!
CLICK HERE to find Cuartito Azul on Google Maps

Mint - Level 1

Shall we Shag now, or shall we Shag later? Well, NOW is the time!
This level is perfect for dancers who are completely new to Collegiate Shag, or have had just a few classes or workshops and are not very confident on the social dancefloor just yet. We will quickly (re)introduce you to the fundamentals, improve and solidify your technique and teach you some fancy moves! Yeah, baby!

Groovy - Level 2

You’ve had at least a full course and maybe some workshops of Collegiate Shag, and don’t consider yourself a beginner. You are confident with your basics, know a number of footwork variations and are always scouting for other Shaggers at every social. Besides taking classes, you have been regularly dancing Shag at socials for at least half a year and you don’t shy away from songs over 210bpm. Grrroovy!

Smashing - Level 3

You are wild and playful and ready to show everyone what you’ve got! In your scene, all heads turn to you when a fast song comes on. You play with rhythm like a pro, and are ready to add personality to your dancing. It’s never enough for you, you join international festivals and you are open to any challenge. You have taken many classes and workshops, and have been actively social dancing Shag for at least a year. You dance comfortably to 235bpm songs.
There are two options to register for:
Full Pass - €140
6h of classes, 3 parties with taster classes
Party Pass - €50
3 Parties with taster classes
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We may be selling tickets at the door until we reach max capacity.
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Please note: We've updated the schedule, as the previous version had the Saturday and Sunday classes mixed up.
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See you soon in Rotterdam… 
Let’s get Shagadelic!