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The Dutch Shaggers are looking forward to welcome you to the beautyful capital city Amsterdam!
In light of the lockdown in the Netherlands, we've moved the festival from January to June 2022.
Registrations are now open!

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This edition of Shagadelic will include an additional 4 hours of classes on Friday: the St Louis Shag track! Familiar faces at Shag festivals all around Europe, please welcome our local teachers Julia & Peter, who’ll take great care of our newest St Louis Shag dancers!

For our main classes, we have three teacher couples this year. Our first couple is from Lithuania. You’ve surely seen them in competitions, performances and jam circles, busting out some kick-ass moves, or making those fast feet competitions seem like a piece of cake, let’s get our Shag on with Eglė & Artūras!

Whenever things get crazy at a party, or when you hear someone shout “After party!”, you’ll probably spot our next couple. From France and Spain, here are Laura & Victor! These two are pure energy, on and off the dance floor, and we can’t wait to see them in Amsterdam.

And last but not least, our local teachers and hosts, Astrid & Ron. With their combined backgrounds in Modern Dance, music and theatre, and a big passion for creating challenging footwork variations and intricate moves, get ready to geek out in their classes!


We love Shagging to different kinds of music. So at Shagadelic, we look for top notch Dutch bands that will give us just that!

On Friday night Pino & The Hotsy Totsies will kick things off with their great mix of Swing Jazz from the 1930’s/40’s era. Bringing an authentic vibe and style on stage, they are a guaranteed retro experience - with plenty of fast stuff to get us in a Shaggin’ mood!

Get ready to jump, jive ‘n wail on Saturday, with the amazing Daddy To The Rescue! A true revival of early Rhythm ‘n Blues, with names like Louis Jordan, Big Joe Turner and Albert Ammons, this band will get temperatures rising to critical levels!

And on Friday night it’s time to enjoy the groovy Gypsy tunes of Les Faux Manouches! With a blend of infectious instrumentals in the style of Django Reinhardt & The Hot Club de France, and swinging Jazz standards, they’ll be the perfect closer for our festival!


For Shagadelic 2021 we were already looking at moving the festival to another city, and we decided Amsterdam would be a better fit. So Shagadelic 2022 will take place in our capital city!

We’re happy to announce that all our parties will be hosted by the wonderful Kompaszaal (the Compass Ballroom). Built in the 1950’s as a port terminal, this beautiful venue is now positioning itself as a cultural hotspot with a huge focus on dance, making it a perfect location for our festival!
Address: KNSM-Laan 311, 1019 LE Amsterdam

Classes will take place at Sportcentrum Universum, which is only a short bike ride away from the Kompaszaal. All the spacious dance rooms at Universum have wooden floors and mirrors on the walls, plus there is in-house catering, so we are sure to make the most of our classes there!
Address: Science Park 306, 1098 XH Amsterdam

Passes & Prices

Full Pass - €159
Includes 6 hours of main classes, 3 hours of taster classes and 3 parties with live music

Party Pass - €45
Includes 3 hours of taster classes and 3 parties with live music

St Louis Shag Track - €55
Includes 4 hours of classes
Can only be added to either a Full Pass or a Party Pass
Please note that the St Louis Shag classes are on Friday afternoon!

Single Party tickets - Prices TBA
Includes a 1 hour taster class and party with live music on the same night
Availability depending on main ticket sales

Level Descriptions

Mint - Beginners level
You have either never danced Collegiate Shag, or have up to 6 months of experience. This level will build the dance up from the very basics, and is perfect to start learning or to solidify your basic technique!
There are no auditions for this level.

Groovy / Twitchin' - Intermediate levels
You have some solid basics and don't shy away from dancing to songs at 200bpm. You are looking to expand your Collegiate Shag vocabulary, and to work on your technique.
Both levels will have the same content. There are auditions for this level.

Smashing - Advanced level
You have been actively dancing Collegiate Shag for at least three years, and are looking to challenge yourself. You can comfortably dance to tempos of 230bpm and up, and maybe even take part in competitions and performances. This level will have a high pace. There are auditions for this level.

St Louis Shag Track
These classes are an open level, meaning anyone can join them. We do ask that you at least have some partner dancing experience, preferably in Collegiate Shag or Lindy Hop, as to not spend too much time working on certain basic concepts.


There might be some minor changes to this global schedule.
This will be updated to include teachers and levels in time for the festival.
In January 2020, Key Town Swing and Collegiate Shag Rotterdam hosted the Netherlands’ first Collegiate Shag festival. Check out our after-movie by the amazing LanceerMeneer:
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